ONOO Game is a short for Jawaker Uno; it is a game on Jawaker app. OONO consists of four players, and the objective of the game is for the player to get rid of all the cards in his/her hand.

Cards and dealing

A complete set of OONO Cards (108 cards) is used in the game, divided as follows:

Number cards: The game contains number cards (0-9) in different colors: red, yellow, blue, green.

Action Cards: These cards differ in color and the action to use them, as follows:

1- Reverse card: with this card the player can change the course of the game from left to right or vice versa.

2 - Draw Two cards: It is used to force the next player to draw two cards, misses his/her turn, and then the turn moves to the next player.

3 – Skip card: the player can prevent the next player from playing his/her next turn, and the turn is transferred to the next player.

4 - Draw Four cards: the player can choose the color that the next player will play, and he/she forces them to draw 4 cards. This player misses their turn and then the turn moves to the next player.

5- Wild Card: The player can choose the color that the next player will play.

Finally,  regarding the cards dealing in OONO, the dealer is chosen randomly, he/she deals 7 cards to each player with the rest of the cards placed upside down to the left of the board, and it is called (the pile of cards). Afterwards he/she places the last card flipped over in the middle of the board to start (the discard pile/ Fire pile), if the first card exposed in the discard pile is a wild card or a draw four card, here it must be returned to the pile of cards and another card is drawn.

How to play

The player to the dealer’s left begins to play by laying a card face-up on top of the discard pile, provided that this card corresponds to the last card in the discard pile according to one of the two conditions:

  • The same color of any value.
  • The same value of any color.

The game proceeds clockwise around the table, and when/if one of the players does not have any suitable card to play, he/she  must draw from the pile of cards.


It is a word that the player says if there are two cards left in their hand and he/she will play one of them and place it in the discard pile. Here he/she must say the word “UNO” to warn the other players before playing their next to the last card. If the player failed to do so he/she will be punished by drawing two cards and this is what we called the UNO challenge.


The player who finishes their cards first is considered the winner of the round and gets 0 points. Then the total number of cards remaining in the hands of each other player is counted and scored, the lower the score the higher the player is ranked at the end of the round.

Points are calculated in the OONO game as follows:

- Number cards = the value of the card itself.

- Draw two = 20 points.

- Skip card = 20 points.

- Reverse card = 20 points.

- Wild Card = 50 points.

- Draw four = 50 points.