Solitaire but with an exciting twist!

Enjoy a race against time with Klondike Solitaire.

In this version, you can play live against an opponent. You’ll be matched with a player who you’ll compete against for the highest score and the winning title.‌

The fundamentals

One deck of playing cards is used (52 cards for each player; Jokers are excluded).

The game timer starts at 4 minutes and the game is over once the timer is up or once both players have submitted the game. If players finish the game in less than 4 minutes, they can submit their score and earn a time bonus.‌

Each player’s goal is to position certain cards to build up each foundation, by sequence and by suit, from the Ace through to the King.

The ultimate objective is to build the whole deck onto the foundations, and if that can be done, the solitaire game is won.

The deal

  • The foundation: It’s the placeholder onto which players can stack four stacks of cards (one for each suit) in ascending order (Ace to King). At the beginning of the game, the foundations are empty. The goal is to place all the cards onto these four foundations.‌

  • The holding area: Seven piles that make up the main table, the holding area consists of seven piles. The first pile has one card, the second pile has two cards, the third pile has three cards, and so on until seven piles are reached. Only the top card in each pile is face up.‌

  • The talon pile: These are the cards remaining after building the holding area and are placed face down. You will draw 3 cards at a time whenever you tap on the talon pile. After drawing all of the cards of the deck, you will be able to restart it. You can do this move 3 times without losing points whenever you want to restart. After the 3rd time, you will lose 20 points.‌

  • The waste: This is where three cards will be dealt face up from the talon pile as the game proceeds. The waste refers to the collection of cards that are drawn from the talon pile and placed face up. Only cards from the talon pile can be placed in the waste pile, while only the card at the top of the waste pile is considered “active” for placement onto the player’s foundations.‌

  • Undo button: Whatever move you did last will be undone. You are free to do unlimited amounts of undo’s during the game. Any points you’ve gained with the undone move will be deducted.‌

  • Finish button: When you feel like you are stuck and can’t score any more points, you are free to finish the game and see if you can beat your opponent with your current score. A confirmation pop-up will appear with a summary of your score to make you double check if you really want to finish.‌

How to play

  • The objective of Solitaire is to move all cards to the foundations in ascending order, beginning with the Ace and ending with the King.
  • The first thing to do when starting a new game is to move any available Aces from the  holding area to the foundations.‌

  • When no more cards can be moved to the foundation, take a look at the holding area. Cards can be moved from one pile in the holding area to another pile, as long as the card being moved is one number lower and the opposite color (red vs black) to the card it is placed on top of.‌


  • When there are no more available moves in the holding area, you can draw 3 cards from the talon pile.‌

  • Check to see if the top card on the waste can be moved to the holding area or the foundations.
  • Keep moving cards from the holding area to the foundations if you can, or placing them on other piles within the holding area, in order to make more face-down cards available. When you can’t make any moves from the holding area, flip up another three cards from stock to waste, and continue playing.
  • You continue this process, flipping three cards from stock to waste whenever you get stuck. The goal is to keep stacking cards onto the holding area and the foundations.‌

  • Only a King can be moved to an empty slot in the holding area.‌

  • If you’re stuck, you can finish the game and submit their score to earn a time bonus.‌