About Jawaker

Jawaker was founded in 2009, when a group of young Jordanians decided to create an application that brings together most of the card games known in the Arab world in one place. Jawaker has successfully grown in gathering millions of card players in the Arab world and North Africa.

Jawaker is the only app that includes more than 30 card and board games as follows:

Rummy, Tarneeb, All Kinds of Trex, 400, Tunj, Coon Can and Dominoes.

These games are well-known in the Levant in particular (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq).

As for the Arab Gulf games, there are Baloot, Saudi Hand, Saudi Deal, Kout Bo 4, Kout Bo 6, and Bent Al Sabeet.

We certainly did not forget the North African countries, and its famous card games, such as Estimation, Ronda, and many other games.

Jawaker Game Features:

  • Play along with the best card players around the world, around the clock.
  • Voice chat feature during the game.
  • Create a private game and invite your friends to play.
  • Display your profile picture from Facebook.
  • Enjoy a full technical support team that is ready to help around the clock.
  • Radio feature that enables players to listen to their favorite songs while playing.