Basra is a two-player game using a standard deck of playing cards (52 cards).

Cards and Distribution

Four cards are dealt to each player, and four cards are revealed on the table between the players. If one of the face-up cards is a 7 of diamonds or a Jack, regardless of suit, it is returned to the deck, and another card is drawn in its place.

How to Play

1.      A non-dealer player starts by playing a card onto the table, and the player has the option to withdraw some or all the cards under certain conditions.

2.      Turns alternate between players, and there is no passing option in the Basra game.

3.      When players run out of cards, four new cards are dealt to each.

4.      The round ends when all cards in the deck are used.

Conditions for Taking Cards from the Table

1.      If a player throws a card onto the table, and there is another card of the same value, regardless of suit, the player takes both cards.

2.      If a player throws a card onto the table, and there is a set of cards of a total value equal the value of the thrown card, the player takes all those cards.

3.      If both conditions mentioned above are met (a card of the same value and a set of cards equal to the thrown card's value), the player takes all those cards from the table.

4.      Kings and Queens have no numerical value and can only be taken by similar cards.

5.      The 7 of diamonds and Jack, regardless of suit, are the strongest cards in Basra, allowing the player to take all cards on the table.

Game Conditions

There are three conditions that, when met, result in a Basra for the player, earning them 10 additional points at the end of the round:

1.      If a player takes all cards from the table using a single card (not the 7 of diamonds or Jack, regardless of suit.

2.      If a player uses the 7 of Diamonds and takes all cards from the table, the total number of cards should be 10 or fewer, with no Queens or Kings.

3.      If there are any cards remaining on the table, the last player to take cards from the table gets them.


A player who takes 27 cards or more earns 30 points.

- Each player earns an additional point for each Jack or Ace taken.

- The player who takes the 2 of Clovers gets an extra 2 points.

- The player who takes the 10 of diamonds gets an extra 3 points.

In case of a tie (if both players have 26 cards), no points are scored in that round. Instead, 30 points are added to the following round, or 60 points if the tie recurs. The game ends when one player reaches 121 points, becoming the winner.