Dominoes is one of the most popular board games in the Arab world and in the world in general. The game requires high concentration in the method of counting and selecting the appropriate tiles to play.

How to play:

● In case of partnership, players who are seated across each other are considered a team, the team shares points, wins, and losses.

● Each player gets seven tiles at the beginning of the game.

● The game begins with the player who has a 6-6 tile.

● The objective in dominoes is to finish placing all the tiles before the opponent.

● Tiles are only placed to the ends with the same number.

● In case a player does not have a suitable tile to play, a player can call a “pass”.

● The player who finishes placing his/her tiles first is considered the winner of the round and the total points of the opponent's remaining tiles is added to their team.

● In case no player has a suitable tile to play, the player whose total points remaining tiles is the lowest wins the round, as well as their team.

● The team that has a total score of 100 points or more is considered the winner of the game.