Kasra is a game that combines rules from the Complex Tarneeb and Trix games, designed for four players without partnerships, using a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is played counterclockwise and is divided into four sets called "Kingdoms”. Each Kingdom consists of four games, and the owner of the Kingdom decides the order in which these games are played.

Cards and Distribution

Each player is dealt 13 cards, and the player who receives the 7 of hearts becomes the owner of the first "Kingdom”. Players choose the game they want to play (see "Games and How to Play" section below). When the cards run out, they are redistributed, and the player chooses another game until all four Kingdoms are completed. The Kingdom then passes to the next player in order, and this cycle continues until all four Kingdoms are finished, marking the end of the game.

Card Ranking:

2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 - 8 – 9 – 10 – J – Q – K – A

Games and How to Play

The four games that make up the mentioned Kingdoms are:

· Complex

· Tarneeb

· Ltoosh

· Trix

Players must try to avoid taking the tricks “Lamas” according to the type of the game:

1.      Complex

- King of hearts: Players try to avoid taking the King of hearts.

- Queens: Players try to avoid taking any Queens.

- Diamonds: Players try to avoid taking any card of the diamond suit.

- Ltoosh: Players try to avoid getting any tricks “Lamas” in general.

2.      Tarneeb

- The player who owns the Kingdom starts by declaring the type of Tarneeb. Then, they play a card, and other players must play cards of the same type. The player with the highest card wins the Lama and plays the next card.

- If a card is played, and none of the other players has a card of the same type, the player has the option to play a Tarneeb card. Tarneeb cards are considered stronger than any other card, and the winner of the Lama is the one who plays the Tarneeb card, unless a stronger Tarneeb card is played.

3.      Ltoosh

- Players try to avoid getting the last two Ltoosh cards, 12 and 13.

4.      Trix

- Trix is the only game that does not rely on the system of Lamas. Instead, each player must try to get rid of their cards by assembling them into groups on the table according to their type.

- Each group starts with a Jack and extends to an Ace at the top and a 2 at the bottom.

- Players can only assemble a card on the table if the card that precedes or follows it is directly present in the group.

- Players must throw any card they have and can assemble, and if a player does not have any cards they can assemble, they must pass.


In the games King of hearts and Queens, the player who has the King of hearts or any Queen can double the card by revealing it to the other players. This means that any player who takes the card loses double the usual points, and the player who doubled it receives the original points of the card as additional points.


1.      Complex

· King of hearts: The player who takes the King of hearts loses 75 points.

· Queens: Players lose 25 points for each Queen they take.

· Diamonds: Players lose 10 points for each diamond card they take.

· Ltoosh: Players lose 15 points for each Lama they take.

2.      Trix

· Players receive 10 points for each Lama they take.

3.      Ltoosh

· Players lose 60 points for the 12th Lama and 70 points for the 13th Lama.

4.      Trix

· Players receive points according to the order of finishing the cards: 200 points for the first player, 150 points for the second player, 100 points for the third player, and 50 points for the fourth player.

The player with the highest total points at the end of the game wins.