Monopo Deal is a 4 player card game. It’s a game of luck, strategy, and people skills. Monopo Deal offers you the opportunity of building your real estate empire in a new, fun and faster way!
You can compete against your friends or the community online in this delightfully addictive card-game. You can steal sets of cards, collect money, play fun and interactive action cards against your friends.
Be the first to collect complete property sets of different colors to win the game!

  • 5 cards will be distributed to each player.
  • Each player can check their cards without revealing which cards they got.
  • The rest of the cards will be placed facing-down in the middle as a stockpile.
  • Any player can start and the turns go by Anti-clockwise. (left to right)
  • The player can draw 2 cards from the stockpile. In case the player has no more cards, he/she can draw 5 more cards in the next round.
  • Each player can play 3 moves or less. The player can discard his cards to everyone or to the bank or to his own domain.(depends on the card type)
  • House and hotel can be built only on full set properties. (house should be built before the hotel)
  • You cannot build House/Hotel on Airport/Utility properties. (Black/Light_green)
  • You cannot charge rent on the multi-color properti when its stand alone
  • We do allow players to play "double the rent" card twice on the same rent card, but it will count as two steps.
  • you cannot access other player's bank. you can only see the amount of other player's bank.
  • After each player is done with his moves, the turn goes to the next player.
  • The game continues until one of the players completes 3 sets and this player would be the winner.

Properties: Properties should be placed on the table with the same color set. Wild cards may be switched around when wanted, even if they are in a set! This can only be done on that player's turn. (Changing property color doesn't count a step)
Money: Players can charge each other for rent, birthdays etc. Money should be gathered in the Bank pile in front of you, if you put an action card into your bank, it should stay there until the end of the game, and If you use it to pay another player, it must go straight into their bank and cannot be used for its Action
Action cards: Each action card allows you to do certain things such as charge other players rent, steal their cards and demand money for your birthday! Action cards can also be put into your bank pile as money; the value is shown in the corner of the card
Rent: The value of each card is shown in the corner of the card for 1, 2 or 3 properties. By using the Rent card you can charge the other players for a specific property, For example if you have a green property and you want to charge the other players, you need to play the Rent card that has a green card inside of it. (Remember! You cannot charge rent against stand alone multi-color wild property)


Never pay with cards from your hand, only from the cards in front of you and you can only play with your cards on your turn except for the Just Say No action card. If you realize you've won or you need to change anything on your properties during someone else's turn, you must wait until it's your turn

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