Trix Complex is a four-player card game, played either in partnership or individually. First, we will explain the rules of Trix Complex (played individually) and then we will explain the difference between playing individually and playing in teams.

Cards and Dealing

Trix Complex is played by four people using the standard international 52-card pack excluding the jokers. The game is divided into 4 kingdoms, each kingdom includes 2 contracts: Trix and Complex .

players pick the dealer randomly; the dealer shuffles the cards well and deals out 13 cards to each player. the player who is dealt the 7 of hearts in this first deal owns the first “kingdom”. The player picks whatever contract he/she wants, and when the cards are all played, then the points are scored, and the cards are dealt out once again, and here the player picks the second contract, then the kingdom passes to the player who sits to the right of the first player. The player or the team with the highest score wins

The cards in each suit rank from high to low: A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2

Game Play

In complex , the player is reduced points for each trick he/she collects which includes any card of diamonds, queens (Q), and the king of hearts (K) card.

The kingdom owner leads to the first trick and other players must follow suit if they can, if they can’t, they are allowed to play any other suit, the player who plays the highest card of the suit led collects the trick and leads next.

Trix contract is not a trick-taking game, however, Players try to get rid of their cards as soon as they can by playing them to a layout on the board, which begins with the jacks, and continues upwards in each suit to the ace and downwards to the 2. Players can’t add any card to the board unless this card is one rank higher or lower than a card that has already been played.

A player must play any card they have which can be added but if they are unable to play, they pass.


Doubling in trix complex is only allowed in complex contract, and it only applies on the king of hearts card or a (Q) of any suit.

The player who owns the (K) of hearts or a (Q) of any suit can double its value by revealing it on the board to the other players, which means that If another player collects it when it is "doubled" they are reduced double the standard value, and the player who did the doubling gets the standard value of the card as additional points.


King of hearts: the player who collected the (K) of hearts card is reduced 75 points.

Queens: players who collect (Q) cards are reduced 25 points for each card collected.

Diamonds: players who collect cards of diamonds are reduced 10 points for each card collected.

Slaps “Lutoosh”: players who collect any trick are reduced 15 point for each trick collected.

trix: the first player finishes scores 200 points, the second finishes scores 150 points, the third finishes scores 100 points and the last gets 50 points, depending on who runs out of cards first.

Trix Complex Partnership

The only difference between trix complex partnership and the ordinary trix game (played individually) is that it’s played in teams, each two players who are seated across each other are considered a team and their points are summed up together at the end of the game in order to pick the winner.